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Here are Lee Snijders simple design tips that break the rules of traditional design standards!

  • Mid to dark tones actually can make your room look larger, because they absorb light, giving the room depth.  Lighter colors reflect light, causing your eyes to stop on a flat plain.
  • The easiest way to pick a color for a room is to choose the least dominant color out of an art piece, duvet cover or area rug. 
  • Accessories and plants are the fastest way to transform a space, not paint.  Paint however is the cheapest way to transform a space.
  • Mix in silk plants with live plants.  Use live plants below and silk plants up above (where it is hard to water a plant) in niches.  By incorporating both, it is hard to tell which ones are the real ones and which ones are the silk ones.
  • By pulling furniture away from the walls and into the room, you can now accessories adding more depth and a sense of intimacy in the space.
  • You can give the illusion that a room is taller, by placing all of your artwork vertical, by placing tall plants in the corners and using taller linear furniture pieces.  This will draw your eye line up to the ceiling, creating forced perspective.  To make a room look longer, place everything horizontally (low profile furniture, horizontal pictures), causes your eye line to move from one side to another.
  • Using dark and light stains can add additional color and contemporary contrast.

Breaking the rules of traditional design, Lee Snijders is not your stereotypical designer.

Lee Snijders high energy and personable style has given him the ability to gain instant rapport with his guests. His playful interaction on camera has brought many humorous and memorable moments to HGTV’s ninety three million viewers where Lee has enjoyed a successful four years as the host of HGTV’s reality show, Design on a Dime. 

Lee will be the first person to tell you that he’s not your stereotypical designer; his approach to design comes from his diverse creative background.   Lee’s inviting and sophisticated interiors range from classic mid modern and contemporary styles, to his own unique tropical environments.
Lee’s passion for entertaining and design began at an early age.  In 1990, Lee created Lee Snijders Designs, which encompassed his love of interior and furniture design.  While working as a designer, Lee began designing multi dimensional wall sculptures and started exhibiting his work in trendy underground galleries.  He then created his own “signature” limited edition art collection for the exclusive Martin Lawrence Galleries.  In 1995, Lee was given the opportunity to work with Walt Disney Imagineering as a dimensional designer where he became part of the WDI creative team.  For four years, Lee helped to create numerous theme parks and attractions. 

In 2001, Lee was asked to be the spokesperson for House to Home, which propelled his dream to be a part of the growing “home remodeling” television market.  In 2002, he was invited as a guest designer on HGTV’s Designing for the Sexes and was the “chosen” designer on two episodes of Designers Challenge.  Lee’s longest career endeavor would soon follow, which encompasses his love of entertaining and design as the Host and Designer of HGTV’s highest rated show.

Lee’s high demand for personal appearances launched his successful “Breaking the Rules” national appearance tour which landed him in the studios of ABC, CBS and NBC morning news shows, the popular Today Show and across the oceans to Good Morning Jamaica.

Lee’s entrepreneurial drive and motivational spirit has been recognized in several magazines such as Entrepreneur, TV Guide, Business Leader, House Beautiful and numerous news articles.  He’s even reached pop culture status as a TV Guide cross word puzzle clue, not once but twice.

Lee Snijders former career as a Walt Disney Imagineer has taught him, “as long as you have imagination your creativity is limitless”. 



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