Tropical Waterfall Entryway

Lee Snijders Designs host of HGTV waterfall entryway.

In 2001, Lee Snijders competed on HGTV’s Designers Challenge competition reality show.  The challenge was given to three designers to come up with a design plan for this “bowling alley” entryway.  Lee Snijders designed a space that showcased a lush tropical space with rich colors and a 5ft x 3ft built in water feature.  Since water features were a new home product introduced 2001 and HGTV was relatively a new network at the time, Lee’s water feature design was considered the first time a designer incorporated an indoor water feature seen on HGTV and ultimately won him the design show.  Lee would go one to compete a total of 3 times winning twice out of the 3 appearances on the show.